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Starting Your Own Home Care Agency

Home care agencies continue startup as the elderly population continue to grow. Starting a home care agency can be rewarding and profitable beyond your wildest dreams.

You will first need to determine whether you want to start a companion are agency, personal care agency or home health care agency. Companion care and personal care agencies are non-medical home care agencies. Home health care agencies offer skilled nursing and medical services to clients in need home care and home health care services.

Skilled medical home health care agencies offer skilled nursing and therapy services with physician’s orders. Medical skilled home health care agencies require home health care license and accreditation for either private duty, Medicaid or Medicare accreditation. We can help you start a home health care agency in your state. Visit for more information.

Your next decision is to start on your own, or with the help of a home care franchise or home care consultant. If use a home care franchise, fees can be astronomical and ongoing. Starting on your own can is not wise because you competition have years of experience and use either a home care franchise or home care startup consultant. Our home care startup fees are less than $10,000 and offer everything you need to start a home care agency including lifetime training and support for you and your staff.

Our home care consultants will work with you to start your own home care agency. Many of our clients are nurses and health care professionals, but many others are entrepreneurs with no home care agency experience or healthcare background. Our training and support will assure that you are doing everything you can to achieve success before, during and after home care agency startup. 5 years down the road, our home care consultants will still be there to provide support and training to you and your staff. Initially we will guarantee your home care licensure and successful startup regardless of the state your home care agency is located in.

Our home care consultants will assist you with the initial requirements nessesary to start a home care agency.

Once you choose a name, we will set up your incorporation or limited liability corporation. We will provide you with unlimited resources whether you need the assistance of an attourney, financial advisor, CPA or any other service. We will also assist you with understanding all of the day to day process and procedures associated with running your home care agency startup.

Our home care consultants will obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. This is the agency equivalent of a social security number.

In some states, the state wants to see a copy of your home care agency brochure. Our designers provide you with a customized website, brochures and agency cards.

Any state specific requirement will be detailed for you. When we complete your home care license application, we also assure that you have met all of the state specific requirements. This is one of the few ways we are able to guarantee you will achieve licensure as a home care agency in your state.

Our home care consultants clinical department write your customized, state specific home care policies and procedures by hand. No need to worry if they are approved by your state, they are written just for your state to meet the state administrator and/or state site surveyor’s guidelines. Home care policies and procedures address billing, admissions, employee relations, state standards, in-services and much more.

Our home care consultants will teach you where to advertise for caregivers and how to hire them. We show you what to look for in a quality caregiver and why you need the best. The caregivers you hire are the quarterbacks of your home care agency. Your clients don’t see you, they see your caregiver. This is the face of your home care agency, not you. Our home care consultants teach you why 1099 or W-2 employees may be best for you and why a happy employee is a happy client.

Our home care consultants help you understand the sources for referrals in your community, identifying the physicians, facilities, hospitals, social workers, etc., that are going to assure your new home care agency is successful and continues to grow year after year.

You will want your home care agency to have a strong presence on the internet. Loved ones and their families are searching for your home care agency, it is important they can find you. Just as important, the connections you make in your community will search you on the web to assure you are everything you say you are. Show them your home care agency is everything you say it is and more.

Where there is opportunity, there will also be competition for your home care agency. Competition is a good thing for any market. It will assure that clients are receiving the best home care services available.

It is the job of your home care agency to match the right companion care employee or home health aide with the right client. Your home care agency only hires the best employees with the biggest hearts, brightest smiles and most experience. Your employees know they are representing your home care agency and their community. Your home care agency is great to their employees because you only hire the best! A good employer understands they have the best employees and vise versa.

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