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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do 21st Century Care Providers Home Care Consultants differ from a Home Care Franchise and other Home Care Consultants?

A: 21st Century Care Providers are a team of Home Care Consultants dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and health care professionals with starting their very own a home care businesses providing Non-Medical Home Care services such as personal care and companion care services. 21st Century Care Providers goal is to provide an affordable alternative to the traditional Home Care Franchise model. 21st Century Care Providers offer more than a home care franchise would, without the ongoing home care franchise fees or home care franchise territory restrictions related to being involved with a home care franchise or typical home care consultant or management company. We have a larger staff, more Registered Nurses and go things for you that the home care franchise companies and other home care consultants simply do not. The home care franchise or home care consultant you speak to before or after speaking with us, will not guarantee you that you will achieve home care licensure or home care accreditation in your state. Not only do we complete all of the state required forms and documents for you, but we walk you through the state home care survey and guarantee you will receive your home care license in your state. We stay with you for the lifetime of your agency offering ongoing home care consulting and home care training and best of all, with no ongoing costs or fees.

Q: What is the difference between a Companion Care Agency and a Personal Care Agency?

A: Home Companion Care Agencies offer Companion Care to their clients. Responsibilities include meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping and transportation as well as other activities that a person may want or need for a better quality of life. Personal Care Agencies are similar to Companion Care Agencies, but can also offer hands on assistance providing additional services such as bathing, hygiene, etc. Whenever possible, you want to offer personal care services to assure that you do not lose clients when then they find the need for additional services you are unable to offer.

Q: Are Home Companion Care and Non-Medical Home Care services covered by insurance?

A: Yes, but only in the case of Long Term Care Insurance policies that include Personal Care and Companion Care. Medicaid will have programs in many states, but Medicare only applies to skilled services offered by Home Health Care Agencies. We can help you state a home care business or a home health care business. This is our area of expertise.

Q: Can I use a home office for my Non-Medical Home Care Business?

A: In most states you can operate a Personal Care Agency or Companion Care Agency from your own home. Contact us for more details, we will be happy to tell you how this works in your state. Not only do we have account managers who are experts in regard to your states standards, but our home care consultants are trained and receive continuous training to assure they can answer any and all state specific questions you might have. Every state is different, but answers are just a phone call away.

Q: Is a background in the healthcare industry necessary to start my own Companion Care Business or Non-Medical Home Care Business?

A: No. Our Non-Medical Home Care Training program and home care consulting support will assure your home care business is up and running quickly and easily. Whether you are looking to start a Personal Care Agency, Companion Care Agency, or even a Home Health Care Agency, our home care consultants can help.

Q: Do my employees need to be Licensed or Certified?

A: That will depend upon the type of home care business you start and the levels of home care service you provide. If it is a Companion Care Business, then chances are that your employees will not need to be Certified. If it is a Personal Care Business, then your state MAY require that they be certified as a Certified Nurse Assistant or Home Health Aides for your Non-Medical Personal Care Business. We provide you with lifetime access to our Home Care Business Training portal accessible over the internet. Your caregivers will be able to create their own login, User ID and Password and get access to this site. Your caregivers will be able to watch any of the many Non-Medical Home Care Training videos that we make available for clients and be required to take a short quiz after each video. Your Caregivers will then be able to download and print a certificate of completion for each Home Care Training Course they complete.

Q: Is a Companion Care or Non-Medical Home Care license required to operate a Non-Medical Home Care Agency?

A: Most states will require some form of home care license to start a Non-Medical Home Care Agency. 21st Century Care Providers will assist you with this process. Call us today, we can get you started!

Q: How do I find Home Companions or Home Care Aides for my Non-Medical Home Care Business?

A: You will find a ready market of Non-Medical Home Care Aides that have provided Non-Medical Home care services previously and have been trained through state approved Home Care Organizations. Craigslist, LinkedIn and Indeed are all great sources for finding these employees. Your employees experience is vital when starting a home care business. Their experience is your experience. They will be the face of your home care business.

Q: Do you provide Non-Medical Home Care Training?

A: Yes. 21st Century Care Providers will train you and provide you with all the tools you need to start and successfully grow your Non-Medical Home Care Business. Our methods, documentation, Non-Medical Home Care Business development and Non-Medical Home Care Training program will prepare you for almost anything you are likely to encounter. You can bring 2 employees to our Non-Medical Home Care Training at no extra cost. In addition, we are available to assist you and promptly answer your questions via phone or email after your Non-Medical Home Care Training classes are completed. Do you need a refresher course, or possibly you have hired new employees that need home care training? There is no limit as to the number of times you can attend our LIVE home care training program.

Q: Will I be able to use your trademark for my Non-Medical Home Care Business?

A: No. We will assist you with choosing a Home Care Business name and offer guidance on the trademark process. We are not a home care franchise, we are home care consultants offering everything a home care franchise would and more, but without the home care franchise fees, territory or marketing restrictions.

Q: Will my home care business have a specific territory and will this territory be protected?

A: No. You will start your Home Care Business where you see fit and have complete control over your growth or area. Unlike a home care franchise, there are no home care franchise territory restrictions when working with 21st Century Care Providers.

Q: What Home Care Training or support is offered after we launch our Home Care Business?

A: We offer lifetime Home Care Training on the web and LIVE in person to all of our home care business clients. We will also consult your home care business throughout the entire home care agency startup process. We have 4 Masters Prepared Registered Nurses on Staff to answer any of your clinical questions as well as a licensing team of 4 individuals to answer any licensing questions you might have. Not to mention our marketing experts and other home care consultants that make up our team of 19 full time employees.

Q: How competitive is the Non-Medical Home Care Business market?

A: While there is competition in every business, Home Care Services are on high demand. Unlike many other businesses and services, you are providing a need, not a \”want\”. Home care businesses are more profitable that ever before.

Q: A Home Care Franchise told me I would receive leads from their website. How will I get leads with your option?

A: 21st Century Care Providers will create your website and then implement \’natural\’ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to ensure that your Home Care Business website will appear on common search engines like Google and Yahoo with no \’pay per click\’ type fees on-going. This is no different from the home care franchise model and far more in depth than any other home care consultant has to offer.

Q: Do you allow communication between your Home Care Business clients?

A: Our Home Care Business clients are always free to communicate with each other. You will have access to our online customer portal. There you will find our company blog as well as a 24 hour portal that will provide you with direct contact with all of our Home Care Business clients. Aside from LIVE home care training providing all of the tools and resources necessary to operate your Agency, our Home Care Training classes will be a meeting ground where you and other Home Care Business owners and administrators from around the country can share thoughts and ideas.

Q: How does 21st Century Health Care Consultants charge so much less than a Home Care Franchise and still provide a quality program with ongoing Non-Medical Home Care Training and support?

A: Unlike a Home Care Franchise, 21st Century Care Providers spends very little on marketing to the public and relies heavily on organic Google searches to attract its customers. This allows us to keep our overhead low and in turn keep the total cost of our home care agency startup program much lower while offering a superior level of support and service. Home Care Franchises are marketing machines, but they are not marketing your territories services, they are attracting new home care franchise owners. Home care franchise companies also understand that you will need a lot of support initially, but as time goes by, you will need less and less. Not to mention, our team of home care consultants is far larger than most home care franchise companies and all other home care consultants you will speak with. You are never waiting on us to move forward. We are proactive and will get the ball rolling immediately.

Q: What exactly am I getting for my money?

A: Please visit https://1stproviders.com/starting-your-own-home-care-agency/ for a complete description of our offering

Q: Does the home health care agency need a Medical Director?

A: No.  The home health care agency may opt to have a Medical Advisor.

Q: Can the Medical Director sign the 485 and Face to Face?

A: The Medical Director can only sign the 485 and/or the Face to Face if the Medical Director is the patient’s certifying physician.

Q: On the 485 can you use visit ranges for frequencies?

A: No.  Frequencies must be written week specific.  Example: SN 1w5, 2w4.  A set number of prn visits may be added.  The reason why the prn visit would be made must be specifically indicated in the 485.

Q: Can you subcontract PT, OT, SLP and MSW services?

A: Yes.  You must provide at least one direct service.  Other services may be provided thru a contracted provider.

Q: Can you revise the goals on the 485 once it has been signed by the physician?

A: Yes.  The goals may be revised by submitting an interim order to the physician.

Q: How do you handle a patient who has been re-certified more than 2 times but still requires services?

A: As long as the patient meets all the requirements for Medicare services and requires care, the agency must continue to service the patient until which time the patient does not qualify for services or the goals have been met.

Q: Can you teach more than 2-3 items on one visit?

A: Yes. When teaching is performed a patient response should be noted.

Q: Can a patient who is 10 years old have an OASIS completed?

A: Yes.  The OASIS is a complete assessment tool that can be used for any patient population.  If the OASIS is used for the Pediatric patient, an additional tool that contains Pediatric specific assessments should be included.

Q: Would leaving a copy of the 485 in the patient’s home be a HIPAA violation?

A: No.

Q: If the Director of Nursing is making a weekly visit to the patient and the patient is also receiving HHA services, can the RN weekly visit serve as the supervisory visit for the HHA? Does the HHA have to be present?

A: Yes.  When the patient is receiving skilled services and HHA services, the supervisory visit must be completed at least every 2 weeks.  The HHA does not have to be present. The RN must complete the supervisory section on the clinical note.

Q: If the patient has wound care ordered that include a prescription ointment is the agency responsible to provide the ointment?

A: No.  The agency is not responsible to provide any prescription medications.  The patient is responsible to obtain any prescriptions from a retail pharmacy.

Q: How often does CHAP re-survey after the initial survey?

A: The typical re-survey cycle is every 3 years.  CHAP may make unannounced surveys if a complaint is made or the agency has a significant event occur.

Q: How often does the LPN need to be supervised?  Can it be done by phone?

A: The RN performs a supervisory patient visit for the LPN every month.  The RN makes the patient visit instead of the LPN. This visit cannot be done over the phone.  Yearly the RN will make a joint visit with the LPN to complete the yearly competency and performance evaluation.

Q: Can the HHA perform blood sugar checks?

A: No.  This skill can only be performed by the RN or LPN.

Q: Can I bill for start of care, resumption of care and discharge visits?

A: No. Under the Medicare PPS system you are paid a set amount based on the OASIS-C transmission.  Adjustments to the total payment are made when the discharge OASIS is submitted.  You do not bill for individual visits.

Q: When should the patient satisfaction surveys be completed?

A: It is recommended that the post admission survey is completed after the 2nd week of service.  This survey may be done by phone. The discharge survey is given to the patient at the time of the last visit.  A return envelope should be provided.

Q: Does the patient have to sign the OASIS or visit notes?

A: No.  The patient is not required to sign.  It is recommended that the patient sign the HHA notes.

Q: If you are not able to use the bathroom sink to perform hand washing, can you use gel?

A: Yes.  Soap and water is always the preferred choice for hand hygiene, however gel is a better choice if the bathroom is not available.  The kitchen sink should not be used.

Q: What makes you policy and procedure manuals different from other companies?

A: Our home care policy and procedure manuals are completely customized to meet your home care agency’s needs. We identify the services you are offering and what state you are offering your services in. Regardless of the state your are in, our staff of Masters prepared Registered Nurses, licensing and home care policy and procedure manuals specialists will customize the home care policy and procedure manuals you need to achieve your goals. Our home care policy and procedure manuals are written and customized to include all state and accrediting body standards as well as incorporating your home care agency’s details including your home care agency’s name, staff, logo, etc. Our policies and procedures are guaranteed to assist you in achieving state licensure, Private Duty or Medicare Accreditation.

Q: What type of policies do you offer?

A: We offer policies for all types of home health care agencies. Our policies are specifically written for Personal Care and Companion Care as well as Skilled Home Health Care.  Our policies meet the requirements for CHAP Medicare or Private Duty Accreditation.

Q: Are your policies state specific?

A: Our clinical department cross-references your policies and procedures to meet your specific states, state and federal guidelines.

Q: Are the polices guaranteed?

A: Your policies are guaranteed to assist you with obtaining state licensure. Our nurses are available to consult you at no additional cost should you or your site surveyor have any questions in regard to your policies.

Q: Do the policies meet Medicare Accreditation Guidelines?

A: Yes, our Medicare home health care policies are written to meet the accrediting body’s requirements.

Q: What accrediting bodies do you work with?

A: Our policies are specifically written to meet CHAP Medicare and/or Private Duty Accreditation Guidelines, but do write policies to meet Joint Commission and ACHC Accreditation guidelines on a case by case basis. Please contact us and one of our clinicians will call you with further information.

Q: What type of packages do you offer?

A: Click here to see the pricing page to see Personal Care/Companion Care or Home Health Care packages and whats included.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: Homehealthmanuals.com, a 21st Century Health Care Consultants Company has been in business for more than 23 years and have assisted well over 3000 clients with their startup process.

Q: Do you provide references?

A: We have worked with thousands of home care agencies and have many references available on our website. Please review our reference or testimonial page.

Q: Do you offer assistance state licensure, accreditation or consulting?

A: Yes, please fill out our contact us form and one of our clinicians will be in contact with you.

Q: What does your admission packet consist of?

A: Our home health care patient admission packet is custom designed for your home health care agency. Our home care consultants pay very close attention to the state required home health care policies, procedures and patient requirements when preparing your customized patient admission packet. The admission packet consists of a patient admission booklet, 27-29 forms related to the complete patient admission process (depending on the state you are located in) and state specific advanced directives.

Q: What is included with your personnel files?

A: It is important to know that your personnel files will adhere to and are required to meet state and federal audits as well as legal proceedings. Our personnel files are written to ensure you are effectively tracking your employee data and managing all of your files. Our personnel files consist of separately numbered sections providing an easy reference for required documentation and a manageable process of maintaining accurate files.

Q: Do you complete the CHAP Self Study for CHAP Accreditation?

A: Yes. Our home care consultants specialize in CHAP Accreditation and will complete the CHAP Self Study for your home care agency.

Q: Do you offer infusion policies?

A: Yes. Our home care infusion policy and procedure manuals are written and customized to meet the needs of your home care agency and are guaranteed to meet State and CHAP Accreditation Standards. Our home care infusion policy and procedure manuals are an infusion nurse’s dream.

Q: Do you offer pediatric policies?

A: Yes. Our home care pediatric policy and procedure manuals are written and customized to meet the needs of your home care agency and are guaranteed to meet State and CHAP Accreditation Standards. Our pediatric home health care policy and procedure manuals are second to none.

Q: Do you offer a civil rights package?

A: Our home care civil rights packages is tailored per your states requirement and completely customized. Our civil rights package is tailored to meet state specific civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities in everyday activities.

Q: Do you provide agency forms and logs?

A: We provide home care forms and logs to home health care, personal care and companion care business. Our home care consultants will provide your home care business with the home care forms and logs your agency will need to successfully operate, keep organized and remain compliant.

Q: Do you provide an employee handbook?

A: Yes. A home care agency employee handbook is a communication tool between you and your employees. Your home care agency employee handbook will set expectations for your home care employees as well as their expectations of the home care agency. The employee handbook will also describe your legal obligations as a home care agency, and employees’ rights.

Q: Do you complete the state license application?

A: Yes. Our consultant understand the different home care licensing process which vary state by state. We will complete your License Application for your agency and assure that all state required documents and attachments are included. These services are available to personal care, companion care and home health care agencies.

Q: Do you complete the 855A Medicare Application?

A: Our home care consultants will complete your 855A Medicare Application on behalf of your home health care agency, including all accompanying forms and required attachments.

Q: Do you offer any type of training programs?

A: We offer training for personal care and companion care businesses as well as skilled home health care agencies. These are intense 3 day training seminars providing all of the necessary tools you agency will need to achieve success. Our personal care and companion care training program and skilled home health care training are two separate training programs. Please visit homecareuniversity.net for more information.
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