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When you start a non-medical home care business with 21st Century Home Care Consultants, you are your own boss. Our home care consulting package provides you with everything needed to own and operate a non-medical home care agency successfully.

With our non-franchise model we provide you with a proven business model, training, lead generation, and ongoing support from industry professionals with no royalties and no territory restrictions. Save the high franchise buy-in fees and instead put this money to better use, working for you and the success of your business.

We guarantee you will obtain your home care business license, have all policy and procedures, forms, admission packet, human resource documents, etc required to operate your home care business.

We provide the most comprehensive home healthcare consulting program in the industry.

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We guarantee you will get licensed in your state or we will issue you a full refund is predicated on that we received all documentation necessary to complete your application.


Being well-educated is the one major reason for the success of our clients. We offer the best home care training and educational resources in the industry. We are considered the industry experts in knowing how to effectively operate, market, prospect and grow a home care business. Ongoing quarterly training programs in theses areas are available through a lifetime training program provided by our Home Care University.

Fill out the form below for a no obligation consultation and one of our friendly consultants will get back to you shortly.


We will certify your non-medical home care agency and personnel through Home Care University who offers the industry’s leading home care training certification program. Upon the completion of this 5 day training course you will receive a certificate that will classify your agency as an industry leader and provider of quality home care services.


With the establishment of several thousand home care agencies, our commitment to quality services is unparalleled in the industry.  You will not find any negative feedback online from our clients.  Our reputation is the best in the industry.  We encourage you to call any of our clients. We do not carefully screen or limit our references. We will provide you with several hundreds to choose from.


There are government programs that pay for Home Care. Medicaid Waiver Network are experts in completing all the necessary forms to assure approval and acceptance in state and federal programs. Our goal is to have a well balanced stream of revenue from all resources. (whether public or private)

Visit www.medicaidwaivernetwork.com for more information.


Lifetime access to ongoing support coaches. This is in all areas of your agency operation whether it be to provide services now or in years to come. This includes your agency license renewal, the training of new personnel and the access to our clinical directors as needed.


Save your agency time and reduce the need for excess office staff with State-of-the-art software that is cloud based to help you run your entire agency operation, whether it be from your computer, ipad or iphone. This will also include client scheduling software, referral tracking software, caregiver HR network, caregiver time tracking via GPS on smart phone app and family portal (your patient’s family can login and view for themselves how their loved one is being cared for).


Our Veteran’s Program provides financing to our agencies, allowing them to assist Veterans and their surviving spouses (1 in 3 seniors) to receive up to 25hrs of home care per week paid by the Veterans Administration. The uniqueness of this program allows our home care agencies to receive payment for services while the application is being processed. The agency has a profit potential of $22/hr after paying the administration fee. These margins can provide the agency with much as $7000 per year per VA Program client. We also offer our agencies the opportunity for patient referrals through the “VA Homemaker Program”. As part of our training program our clients are taught how to get enrolled with VA Hospitals for this service.

Unlike other home care consultants, 21st Century Care Providers home care consultants will provide ongoing home care consulting to you and your staff and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Why settle for a so-called “membership company” or small teams of 2 or 3 home care consultants when you can work with the largest team of home care consultants in the industry? We have worked with home care agency startups in every state and guarantee our home care business startup process.

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21st Century Care Providers have been in business for more than 23 years and have assisted well over a thousand home care agency startups. In 2014 alone, 21st Century Care Providers helped more than 3000 clients start a home care business. We are proud to employ a team of 48 full time employees, all with a specific field of expertise. That is more than most home care franchise companies and far more than any other home care consultant you will find. We have 8 Masters Prepared Registered Nurses on staff to answer any clinical or administrative question you have throughout the entire home care agency startup process. Among these Registered Nurses is our CEO, Rosina McFadden. Not only is Rosina a former Senior CHAP Accreditation Site Surveyor of 15 years, Rosina pioneered New York’s Long Term Home Care Program which has become the model for Home Care as we know it today.We are the premier home care consultant in the field of home care licensing, accreditation, support and training. You will not find a home care consultant with as many clients, references or full-time employees as 21st Century Care Providers.

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